Gold Family Research Plan is the simpliest and most intuitive solution to discover your ancestry. This choice was created for those who like clear and transparent rules.

How it works?

Give us information about your ancestor and we will begin with an absolutely free analysis. This free analysis will allow us to tell you whether any documents that we could eventually search are available for research (survived till today). This is because we don’t want anybody to pay for a research that is not possible to be done.

If we find out that the research is possible, we will discuss the goal with you. You can choose the number of hours or the goal you want to achieve (e.g. to get information about two or three generations or proove your the great-grandfather came from Lithuania and lived in Warsaw). If you choose the goal, we recommend the number of hours. You can always decide whether you accept it or not. Simple, isn’t it?

Research is divided and performed step by step. Thanks to that it is more flexible allowing us to react fast to each step results and take them into consideration while planning further research, that may lead us to different places and archives.

After the research you will be informed briefly about the results and number of photos taken. There is a small success fee for photos that you’ll be billed before receiving full results, that is the photos and detailed comment.

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Try to include as much information as possible: first and last names, dates and places of birth and death, first and last names of spouses, religion. Every information may turn out very important during the research even if it seems irrelevant at the moment. If you don't have much information about that person or family, just write what you know.
We might ask you for some of these documents during the research, if we decide they may be useful.
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