Platinum Plan research is dedicated to persons willing to build a complete family tree.

If you want to find your grandfather’s military documents, living relatives or just some information about your great-grandparents, please choose Gold Plan.

In Platinum Plan you pay only for success. We find nothing – you pay nothing! You pay only for new persons we find for your family tree!

How it works?

Give us information about your ancestor and we will start your research without any initial payment. You also won’t be billed for any additional costs, neither the access costs (travel, accomodation, archives’ fees), nor Genealogia Polonica’s fees for photos. Only translations are not included in Platinum Plan and if you decide to order them, they will be billed separately.

We divide the research into several steps to make the results easier to understand and faster to be delivered. After the step is finished, you’ll get a summary of persons we found for your family tree. After the payment, you’ll get the full results, that consist of the photos and detailed comment.

Order now and start your Polish family research without initial payment!

  • Ancestor $99 $55USD/each
  • Relative/In-law $49 $28USD/each
  • Try to include as much information as possible: first and last names, dates and places of birth and death, first and last names of spouses, religion. Every information may turn out very important during the research even if it seems irrelevant at the moment. If you don't have much information about that person or family, just write what you know.
    $25 $21USD/each
    We might ask you for some of these documents during the research, if we decide they may be useful.