Policies for private data processing in Genealogia Polonica.

  1. Private data controller is Genealogia Polonica with a legal representation of PROTONmedia Barbara Domagała, placed at ul. Modzelewskiego 8/29, 02-679 Warszawa, called in a following document a Bureau.


  1. Bureau processes Clients’ private data for following purposes:
    1. carrying out orders, e.g. searching for family members, deceased or alive
    2. marketing purpose appropriate to the consent given by the Client, e.g. sending newsletters, publications, opinions and testimonials
    3. quality assurance appropriate to the consent given by the Client, e.g. request for survey or sharing an opinion
    4. photographical documentation of family gatherings and trips, copying and processing of photos provided by the customer, e.g. retouching
    5. saving data in web browser cookies


  1. Bureau provides third party entities with Clients’ private data only when it is essential for realisation of following task:
    1. carrying out Client orders for searching in State Offices and Archives, using a letter of authority
    2. carrying out Client orders of finding living relatives, e.g. to inform about being searched and informing Client about person found
    3. tax and legal service of Bureau, e.g. reclaiming lost property
    4. fulfilling legal duty of providing data to State Authorities, e.g. tax auditing
    5. carrying out some types of Client orders, if Client allowed to pass his private data to another entity, namely, but not only Polish citizenship service


  1. Client’s personal data are acquired by the Bureau directly from the Client through the order or contact form on Bureau website


  1. Upon Client’s request Bureau may gather and process other persons’ data:
    1. from the sources and documents provided by the Client, e.g. letters, family heirlooms, photos, memories
    2. publicly available sources, e.g. social networks, phonebooks


when there is legitimate reason to consider the person, called in following text Searched, a person Client wants to find


  1. Personal data of Client’s Relatives are processed and used to verify kinship and establishing a contact between the Client and the Searched, with consideration of following:


  1. when the Searched does not confirm kinship or does give consent to establish contact with the Bureau or the Client her data will be archived and will not be processed until new circumstances occur, e.g. finding new documents suggesting kinship
  2. upon Searched request her data will be removed from Bureau data sets
  3. Bureau is not a controller of the Searched personal data originally owned by the Customer


  1. Personal data owner (Client, Searched) is entitled to view, edit and remove her data from Bureau data sets


  1. Bureau informs that, according to current law, private data protection does not include the deceased.


  1. For information about private data stored and methods of its processing please contact by sending an e-mail to [email protected]


  1. Everyone is entitled to submitting complaints considering private data processing to Prezes Urzędu Ochrony Danych Osobowych (Head of Private Data Protection Office) placed at ul. Stawki 2, Warszawa.