Recommend Genealogia Polonica and earn $50!

You and your friend can now earn $50 each time you recommend Genealogia Polonica!

How it works?

1. If you ever used Genealogia Polonica Services you can become Genealogia Polonica Recommending Person.

2. Fill out the form below to sign up to Genealogia Polonica Recommendation Program and you will receive your unique GP-code.

3. Share your GP-code with a friend.

4. If your friend types your GP-code to Gift Voucher Number to place an order, it will work as $50 discount.

5. You get $50 discount voucher for successful* recommendation as well!

*you’ll gain your voucher between 14 and 28 days from payment completed

Join now and earn with Genealogia Polonica!

It has to be the same e-mail you used once using our Services. This is also where we will send your GP-code and vouchers.