1. General Statements

1.1. Genealogia Polonica is dedicated to researching and conducting professional family history research services. Before using our website at genealogiapolonica.com, genealogiapolonica.de or genealogiapolonica.pl (hereafter, the “Website”) or enlisting the services of Genealogia Polonica, please review the following terms and conditions, which define your rights and benefits as a user of the Genealogia Polonica Website and Services (as defined below).

1.2. Genealogia Polonica belongs to PROTONmedia Barbara Domagała, Kaczmarskiego 8/29 Str., 02-679 Warsaw.

1.3. Most Content provided by Genealogia Polonica is copyrighted by or licensed to Genealogia Polonica, PROTONmedia, its agents or third party providers, and may be used only in accordance with the limited use license below.

1.4. These Terms apply to all users of the Website or the Services on or after September 1st, 2018.

2. Limited Use License

2.1. Any research report that is sent to you is a copyrighted material.

2.2. You are licensed to use the Content only for personal use. The republishing of whole or significant portions of any Content or Services produced by Genealogia Polonica is prohibited.

2.3. Genealogia Polonica holds no claim to copyrights for the copies of original records and other photocopied documents taken from books or other scripts. Therefore, you can copy these materials in accordance with the current copyright laws.

3. General Terms

3.1. You must be 18 years or older to request or order our Services.

3.2. If you are interested in purchasing our Services, please provide a complete research request to Genealogia Polonica online at genealogiapolonica.com, genealogiapolonica.de or genealogiapolonica.pl according to your needs. By placing an order you must accept Genealogia Polonica’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

3.3. Once we have received a research request from you, someone from our team will reach out to you to discuss your research needs and collect additional information from you.

3.3. Sometimes we may ask for a signed Authorisation form, before we will begin providing Services.

3.4. To conduct some of the Services, especially those that need accessing documents younger than 100 years, we may ask for an original piece of signed Authorisation that you’ll have to send to us via traditional mail, as well as a complete set of documents prooving your relation to researched person.

4. General Rules for Orders and Services

4.1. The fee that you pay for our Services is for our expert time and attention.

4.2. Most research results will be delivered with photos, but sometimes due to local archives regulations taking photos might not be possible. You will be informed about that before purchasing the research.

4.3. Although Genealogia Polonica makes a basic research before the payment to ensure the research is possible, it doesn’t guarantee that the research will bear any result. In such a case the money isn’t returned.

4.4. Unless otherwise specified, research steps are most often completed in up to 6 months from payment (all plans but the Platinum one) or order (Platinum Plan). In case of a delay extending the 6 month period, we will notify you.

5. Detailed Rules for Orders & Services

5.1. Gold Plan

5.1.1. Placing an order entitle you for a 5-hour free analysis, after which you will recive information whether we are able to conduct your research or not.

5.1.2. In some rare and complex cases it is possible that the analysis will require more than 5 hours. You will be then asked whether you want to cancel your order or continue analysis. If you decide to continue, you will be billed for further analysis according to Genealogia Polonica’s current price list.

5.1.3. If you purchase a Gold Plan we bill hourly and 4 hours research is a minimum. The package of hours is chosen and paid in advance according to your needs.

5.1.4. The hourly rate doesn’t include fee for photos, translations, journey costs and other costs Genealogia Polonica will have to spend to complete the order.

5.2. Platinum Plan

5.2.1. If you purchase a Platinum Plan there is no initial payment required. You will be billed after the research and before receiving the results.

5.2.2. You will be billed for each new person Genealogia Polonica will find for your family tree. There are no other costs like for photos, journey and other costs Genealogia Polonica will spend to complete the order. However you will be billed additionally if you order another Service together with the Platinum Order, e.g. translations.

5.2.3. New persons in Platinum Plan are qualified and therefore charged as follows:

a) ancestors are: parents,

b) relatives and in-laws are: siblings, half-siblings, step-parents, siblings’ spouses in 0 and -1 generation,

c) you may decide to order also siblings’ spouses in further generations and they will be qualified as in point b).

5.2.4. New person is billed and added to tree at the moment we find his or her first and last name, no matter the type of document or material that states it and regardless the facts that will be discovered later, including that it may turn out the name that was different in fact.

5.3. Other Types of Services

5.3.1. Other types of Services will be conducted and billed in accordance to specific rules that are described on the Website or will be presented as a personal offer via e-mail message.

6. Cancellation Policy

6.1. In order to cancel the Services you ordered, you must email us at contact@genealogiapolonica.com. If you cancel the Services, the up-to-date research will be summarized and settled and the remaining funds will be returned. The order for first 4 hours research is non-refundable.

6.2. If you are based in the European Union, there is a 14 day period when you may, without giving any reason, terminate your order and we will refund any amounts paid by you.

7. Final Statements

7.1. Any action to enforce the Terms of Service shall be brought in the courts located according to Genealogia Polonica’s residence.

7.2. Should you have any questions regarding our Terms of Service, please contact us at contact@genealogiapolonica.com.