How will I get the voucher?

Voucher will be send to your e-mail as a PDF ready-to-print file.

When will I receive my voucher?

Voucher will be sent to you as soon as possible, no longer than within 48 hours from the payment.

What can be found in certain Voucher Plans?

It is impossible to tell the answer without any details. We described typical results on Voucher part of our website, but the results depend on many details:

  • how much does a Client know about ancestor
  • was the ancestor born in a town or village
  • how big was the family
  • did they live in one place or move frequently
  • and many more

If you are unsure, you can send us some basic details such as the year and place of birth, so that we could tell you whether the research is possible and what would be the cost of the first step. Please consider, that the analysis may take a couple of days.

Do I have to specify what are the research details when purchaising the voucher?

No, you don’t need to tell us any details if don’t know them. Your gift can be complete surprise!

What if Client doesn’t know where in Poland was the ancestor born?

Research is still possible. In such a case we will spend certain amount of hours on investigating where the ancestor was born.

What if there are no vital records for a place of research?

Research might be then less detailed. In some rare cases results might be just general information about the place, its history, photos, information from people living there today, information from local cemetery etc. When no vital records exist for a place, we perform research in other documents such as citizens lists, tax lists or censuses. However in most cases a normal, fully-detailed research is possible.