Family Research

Gold Family Research Plan is the simplest and most intuitive solution to discover your ancestry. This choice was created for those who like clear and transparent rules.

How does it work?

Give us information about your ancestor and we will begin with an absolutely free analysis. This free analysis will allow us to tell you whether any documents that we could eventually search are available for research (survived till today). This is because we don’t want anybody to pay for research that is not possible to be done.

If we find out that the research is possible, we will discuss the goal with you. You can choose the number of hours or the goal you want to achieve (e.g. to get information about two or three generations or prove your great-grandfather came from Lithuania and lived in Warsaw). If you choose the goal, we recommend the number of hours. You can always decide whether you accept it or not. Simple, isn’t it?

Research is divided and performed step by step. Thanks to that it is more flexible allowing us to react fast to each step’s results and take them into consideration while planning further research, that may lead us to different places and archives.

After the research, you will be informed briefly about the results and the number of photos taken. There is a small success fee for photos that you’ll be billed before receiving full results, that is the photos and detailed comments.

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Please make sure that the address provided here is correct.
Try to include as much information as possible: first and last names, dates and places of birth and death, first and last names of spouses, religion. Every information may turn out very important during the research even if it seems irrelevant at the moment. If you don't have much information about that person or family, just write what you know.
We might ask you for some of these documents during the research, if we decide they may be useful.
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Polish citizenship

What for?

As Polish citizen you are also a citizen of European Union. You and your children own all the rights to travel, work, vote, real estate, business and education as citizens of European Union.

Why Genealogia Polonica?

  • to place your application, you need a correspondence address in Poland – we give you ours
  • you don’t need to speak Polish – we fill out all the documents for you
  • we reside in Warsaw and thank to that we place all our Clients’ applications in person earning significant time savings
  • we are a genealogy firm, therefore we are the expert in finding useful documentation for your application
  • we have partnership with Warsaw’s top law firm to deal even with the most complicated cases
  • all regular costs are included in our fixed prices
  • we double-check all cases and take only the ones we are sure will succeed
  • in case your application gets rejected you get a refund of our fee!


As a rule, it is better when applicants are represented by professional agent in these kinds of matters, says Ms Agata Ewertyńska, Deputy Director of the Department for Foreigners of the Mazovian Voivodeship Office in Warsaw.
~ŻIH, May 27, 2014

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Our Polish Citizenship Offer consists of three steps:

Step 0

Fill out the questionnaire below and we’ll get back to you soon with our analysis. If you qualify to having Polish Citizenship, you will be invited to Step 1.

Step 1

Documents collecting. We will get the documents needed to proove your Polish citizenship. However, you will need to collect some documents from the country of your and your ancestors’ residence. This step’s fee is $890USD (960€ for European Union residents) and covers up to 24 hours of research as well as additional costs we have to spend to get the documents required (journey costs, stamp duties, paid access).

Step 2

Applying for your citizenship in Warsaw. This step’s fee is $890USD (960€ for European Union residents) covers placing the application, correspondence, sworn translations, stamp duties and costs of sending the decision document to your address. In case of negative result, this step’s fee may be refunded.

If your ancestors came from Poland, it’s highly possible you actually hold Polish Citizenship.

Fill out the questionnaire here and we’ll get back to you with the most accurate answer.


Cemetery Research

Searching the cemeteries might be an effective way to add new valuable information to your family tree.

  • finding new family members whose vital records were not possible to be accessed
  • finding new family or personal connections
  • confirming one’s childless or unmarried life
  • finding living members of your family

A headstone is an important artifact that your family members founded here in Poland to honor a family member. We can find your family’s headstones and on your demand:

  • take photos
  • clean the grave and decorate it with flowers and candles according to Polish tradition
  • contact the people who take care of the grave, who are most likely members of your family
  • and more…

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Video Journey

Individual Plan. Only places your ancestors knew. Cheaper than journey to Poland. Lasts forever.

  • ~5 minutes long
  • HD/4K quality
  • camera and drone shots
  • 100% individually planned

Order your individual video journey to Poland!

  • places your ancestors knew (their houses, churches, cemeteries)
  • historic buildings
  • most beautiful places
  • local people
  • local nature

“The idea of the Video Journey is to show the most of Your Poland”, says Barbara Domagała, Genealogia Polonica Owner. “Ideally, we would like to show you the house, where your ancestors lived, the places they visited: local church, cemetery – with focus on your family names, wayside shrines, historical places. We want to interview local people for your family names, gather stories and memories, because people in small villages often remember even ancient stories. Everything in high quality, pretty and professional shots showing the beauty of Poland and your ancestors’ places taken with cameras and drones. Every detail planned carefully by our genealogist. We believe it should be a cherry on the cake for every family research!”

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DNA Results Analysis

Done the DNA test and the results don’t help you much? Don’t know which matches are worth further interest or why did your ethnicity report give so unexpected results?

Let Genealogia Polonica analyze your matches! We can help you with all types of tests, including Ancestry, 23&me, Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage, LivingDNA and other!


All our genealogists have experience with difficult DNA problems solving, including even unknown identity cases.


Thanks to direct access to Polish documents we are able to find connection even though your match has small tree in his profile or doesn’t know much about his ancestors.


Your DNA data is safe! We won’t ask you to share your RAW data or any DNA files. When only it is possible, we will ask you to give us insight access to your DNA results that you will remove once our work is done.


Due to complexity of such a task, the minimum order value is 12 hours. Before we ask you to pay anything, we’ll prepare a very short analysis of your matches. In some rare cases (e.g. if you don’t have any close matches) we can make a decision that we won’t be able to help you at this moment.


As the results we will send detailed report. Analysis of your matches in most cases include all of the below:

  • identified matches
  • focus on Polish matches
  • DNA map with analysis
  • cluster chart with analysis
  • X, Y and mt results analysis (if available)
  • recommendations of persons to test
  • recommendations for companies or types of tests to test with for more interesting results

Effects of our analysis not only give you a lot of information about your current results, where we always are able to add new comments and remarks, but they will stay up-to-date even later. If any interesting matches occur in the future, you will be able to extend our analysis to them too.

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Heraldic Research

In Poland there was up to 10% society identifying themselves as nobles, whilst in other countries it was only 1%. Therefore if you have polish roots, there is quite a big chance to find a noble ancestor in your family tree.

The common belief that a -ski ending in polish last name means one comes from a noble family has a lot of truth itself but is not always right. There are noble non -ski endings, such as Sapieha, Dunin or Radziwiłł. On the other hand it is possible that people of a -ski ending last name did not belong to any noble family. Finally, even if your family name

What if my family was noble?

That’s a very good news! First, there is a high possibility to find many more documents about your family and that will lead us to discover their lifes in more details. Second, there is a high possibility to build your family tree much bigger than for peasant families, because vital facts for nobles were recorded by church a few centuries earlier than for poorer classes. To make it short, we probably will be able to find a wealth of detailed information about your family.

What if my family wasn’t noble?

Well, you never know it for sure unless you finish your research. If your father didn’t come from a noble family, there still can be some great-great-grandfather who fought a historical battle or holded an important office. The only way to find it out is performing a detailed family research.

Let’s check your family name!

Order a simple analysis of your last name. The cost is only $49 for one name and in return you will get an answer whether it is a noble name and some basic information about this noble family. After that you can choose if you want us to check whether your ancestor belonged to any of those noble families.

Don’t forget to include not only your last name, but also your mother’s, grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s one! The more names, the bigger chance to find your noble family!

Journey Plan

Dear Genealogia Polonica Friends! We know you love our Journey Plan offer! However, this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to suspend this offer. The Health and safety of our Clients and Employees are our priority.

Please stay in touch with us – we’re preparing a new 2020 offer for those of you who want to learn about your ancestors’ places and meet your Polish family!


90% of our customers met their family or someone who could talk about their family when visiting small villages of their ancestors!

Now with Genealogia Polonica, you can get your own journey plan covering only the places you really are interested in! Even the smallest villages!

will be paid extra