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As an artist, I try to understand who I am and where I’ve been. My Great Grandparents both emigrated to the United States from Poland before the War; their family and villages lost in the war, their family stories lost with their passing. Working with Eliza has been life changing. She has been able to fill in what was a giant mystery adding names to our family, confirming some details that passed down through family stories, and giving me a much greater sense of where I’ve come from. I am moved and so very pleased and I’m excited to continue working with her to discover even more.

Natascha Dea Burdeinei, Chicago, IL

When our family decided to take a trip to Poland, we tried in vain to find our Polish ancestors without success despite multiple searches. We then decided that we did not have anything to lose in hiring a professional genealogist through Genealogy Polonica. That gamble paid off beyond our wildest dreams!
We received a detailed family tree including copies of birth records, directions to local cemeteries and leads for finding living relatives. The information Radoslaw provided was professional, detailed, and most importantly arrived within 10 days of my request which allowed us to visit my babcia’s birthplace and find her nephew who is still living in the town of her birth. It is a trip that we will treasure forever!!

Cherie Noe, USA

It’s a long story: I was born in Sandomierz, moved to Argentina when I was three years old and to Australia when I was 42. My wife was born in Argentina, in a Polish family. We both had some knowledge of extended family in Poland, but no details past the names of our grandparents. Genealogia Polonica did all the research for us and now we have all our family trees going back four generations and beyond. We are extremely grateful for their efforts and for the detailed information they provided. Many thanks to all the people involved: Barbara, Maria and Adrian.

Wojciech Wieckowski, Sandomierz

I could not be more pleased with the assistance and research that Genealogia Polonica was able to provide me in doing my family research. From my initial contact with them and emails until present, my contact with Radoslaw has been both informative and educational. Even prior to contracting them for any research Radoslaw was truly professional and eager to explain the problems that I had incurred in my own personal quest to research my Polish heritage. The report and information I received as a result of these initial consultations was detailed with explanations and photographs, and exceeded my expectations. Radoslaw continues to clarify the information and answer questions as they arise. I will continue to use Genealogia Polonica in my research when I stumble across dead ends and road blocks and highly recommend them to anyone in search of their ancestry and family background.

Linda, North Carolina USA

Well, where do I start, I first used Genealogia Polonica to trace some family and after successfully doing so, I one day asked was anything known about obtaining Polish citizenship by way of family decent. Barbara contacted me and I was lead through the process from start to finish at every step, everything was explained to me in simple terms, I was kept fully informed and advised and anytime I was in need of information Barbara was there, email, phone every time she was there to help, what applications to fill in, what documents were required, what you had to do to them to make them usable in another country, absolutely everything I needed to know, she is amazing. This all started approximately September 2018 and this was the collection of information, documents, official UK documents ect, ect and by the beginning of 2019 we was ready to apply and by June 2019, I have Polish citizenship, how fantastic. I wish to extend my deepest thanks to, in the first place Radoslaw for informing me of this service and helping me gather information and then Barbara for actually doing this service and obtaining my Polish citizenship, I wish to thank you both from the bottom of my heart and to anyone reading this, I would highly recommend that you use Genealogia Polonica to achieve your own citizenship. It was so simple and smooth with the help of these amazing people.

Ian Domala, UK

Hi Everyone,

I would to share my recent experience of working with Radislaw.

Radoslaw is an awesome, understanding individual; a true professional in the field of Genealogy. His attitude, experience and diligent work has really paid off as he has uncovered so much information for me; much more than I ever imagined.

Moreover, I really like the important fact that Radoslaw always examined my own personal theories and took them into consideration. He even honored my request and translated his findings into both Polish and English.

There was a time, years ago, when I personally conducted a great deal of genealogical research on the island of Puerto Rico. During this time, I have had many dealings with genealogists in Puerto Rico as well as in the United States.

So from my past experience, I can tell you, without a doubt, that Radoslaw possesses the qualities of being the complete genealogist.

I am more than 100% satisfied with his work and I enjoy working with him. I will continue to use your company as there is more work to be done.

Thanks again.

Paul M Borkowski, Puerto Rico, originally from New York

Genealogia Polonica has exceeded all of my expectations! I was at a dead end in my Polish family research with very little knowledge of my polish roots. Radoslaw has been amazing to work with! He was able to locate the records and origins of two of my great great grandparents which was no small task. Radoslaw not only provides records and translations but he also provides background to the geographical areas, history, maps (including maps of towns/villages that no longer exist), and puts all of the information into an easy to follow format. I could never have hoped for a more skilled and friendly genealogist to work with. Radoslaw is responsive and never leaves an email or questions unanswered. He is beginning to research my other two great great grandparents Polish roots and I cannot wait to see what I will learn!

A huge thank you to Radoslaw for giving me the gift of knowing where I came from. I am so incredibly grateful to you.

Anyone who is at a genealogy road block with their Polish ancestors should not hesitate to use Genealogia Polonica. You will not regret it!

Jessica Evans, Michigan, USA

I would like to highly endorse the skills and capabilities of Genealogia Polonica.  Radoslaw has been researching my fathers family for more than 6 months and I am extremely pleased with his work. The information I’ve been receiving, and the help he is providing regarding the particulars of Polish genealogy research has greatly exceeded my expectations.

I’ve been researching my family for more than 20 years but am limited to documents in English and a bit of Latin and Portuguese. I need help with Polish. My grandfather died in 1925 when my father was 3 so my father had no idea about this side of the family. Years ago I found my grandparents 1911 church marriage certificate in Latin from the Archdiocese of Boston which gave their parents names and birth locations so in 2004 I contracted a genealogist in the US to research my grandfathers ancestry from the LDS microfilm. A certain amount of information was found, but much was missed or in error. This essentially put a stop to further research.

In 2016, through the sheer luck of connecting with another person who thought the man she was researching might be my grandfathers brother, we started looking into the family once again. Radoslaw found the birth document of this brother, who we didn’t know of previously. He came to America and had a family in New York State. Radoslaw also corrected the ancestors names from my previous research and has found many other close relatives. Research continues and undoubtedly will for some time. There is nothing like having a knowledgeable genealogist doing research in his own country to raise the possibilities of success, especially when your ancestors were shepherds and moved from place to place.

25 May 2017

Paul Piatkowski, Texas, USA

When we started our searching finding a reasonable genealogy Company was a difficult task, many have very strange business practices. Your Company stood out as having a unique style of dealing with client enquiries and associated costings.

We gave you a family history so difficult we thought it would be impossible to get any results. We understand not all searches end in a positive result but your Company practices and colleagues have given a solid family history beyond our expectations.

We are especially thankful to you Radoslaw for the way you regularly present the collected data, the GED files to use with our genealogy application, the data tables and the narratives all contribute to meaningful and highly understandable results. Your dedication to a most difficult task is greatly appreciated.

Yes, your Company does do business differently, the experience of working with you has been a rewarding pleasure and will continue.

Teresa Wylie, Australia

I decided to hire Genealogia Polonica after an extensive search of companies doing Polish research. Barbara was very professional and explained how it all worked. I was introduced to Radoslaw (Radek) Michalak. Radek has completed 5 searches over the past year to obtain the history of my father’s family finding 206 ancestors. We now know 9 generations from 1752 in Poland to 2017 in the USA. He has taught me all about what life was like in Poland for our ancestors. I’ve learned that my great great grandfather was a master shoemaker. Radek has answered all my curious questions and there were hundreds of them. He provided quality pictures of the documents, flowcharts, a GED file that I use with my genealogy software, and a detailed description of how he found the information. ​After seeing the details that Radek found for me, several cousins hired Radek and he was able to find valuable information about their family. The records are in Polish, Russian, or Latin. They are in indexes, books, and some were burned during military conflicts. This is why I hired an expert to do my research. I’m realistic in understanding that sometimes it just isn’t possible to find a certain ancestor for many reasons but Radek will do his best to try to find them for you.

I highly recommend Radek as a genealogist and Genealogia Polonica as a company to provide accurate research of your Polish ancestors. They are professional, trustworthy, and provide their services at a reasonable cost.

Del G., USA

I hit a dead-end in my Polish family tree research, I had little information from my family. Radoslaw from Genealogica Polonica was able to use this information to track down four more generations of my family.  It was incredibly good news for me because I was then able to match my family tree with two other people I know researching the same surname (one I’ve spoken with for almost 20 years), so because of that I have found new cousins! I was very surprised by how much he found.  I have spent many months of late nights doing online research, writing to family, signing up for ancestry matching websites, and trawling through records myself and found nothing about my family history.  It was a last resort to contact Genealogia Polonica, and I thought there was little chance they would be able to find anything.  To my surprise Radek found hard evidence and documents, he was very enthusiastic and proactive, and a pleasure to deal with.  He was respectful of my spending limit, and I would use them again when I pursue further research and other branches of my family.

Daniel B, QLD, Australia

I worked with Marcin and Radoslaw to locate my great-grandmother’s family, no small task, when all I had was the name of the village, and there are nearly a dozen villages with the same name. Radoslaw quickly located my ancestors and provided more information than I had even hoped for. He also provided historical information about the area, which enhanced the names and dates. I highly recommend Marcin and Radoslaw. They are a pleasure to work with, and I will use them again to track down other family members.

Judith Morgan, Florida, USA

Adam, I want to thank you for the excellent research work you have done so far on my Kosin family. I couldn’t be more pleased with your professional and friendly personality that came through to me in our many e-mails. My Kosin relatives in western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and North Carolina are going to be very surprised with all of this latest information.

Walter Polanskey, USA

Dear Barbara,

I wanted to drop you a short note to thank you and your organization, especially Marcin, for the superb work he has done in tracing my family’s Polish roots. I could not be more pleased with what he has found thus far. Marcin has been a delight to work with, and the research he has conducted on our behalf has been thorough, professional, and enlightening. Marcin has carried out two research projects thus far, one on my maternal grandmother and one on my maternal grandfather, and he has been able to provide us information that we could not have gathered on our own. He has taken us at least two generations further in building our family tree, and has included photos of the places he has visited that bring the information to life in a way that we never expected.

We visited Poland two years ago and tried to find out some of this information, but as you might expect, with incomplete information and no idea where to go to access the records, it was very frustrating to us. Finding your organization has been a way for us to get quality, professional research done quickly with great results at a very reasonable cost. Having Marcin perform the translations on the information he uncovered was also much appreciated, since my Polish is quite rusty. For those persons considering the use of a professional genealogical service in Poland, I cannot recommend your organization highly enough. The entire experience, from first exchange of emails to the delivery of the research results has been wonderful. I found myself checking my email daily waiting for the next message from Marcin so I could uncover more detail about my Polish ancestry.

Thank you both again for providing us with a window to our heritage. I look forward to working with you to see what other treasures we can find.

Warmest regards,

Henry Soch
Trumbull, Connecticut USA

Both me and my husband Geoff want to thank you most sincerely for your help in tracing my father Walerian’s ancestors and descendants in Poland and around the World. How can we thank you enough to find a sister nephew and niece I never knew I had; we were able to locate and speak with the previously unknown sister living in Australia and her children and will be arranging to meet in the New Year! Wonderful result, and there are yet more cousins to find around the World. The search has identified cousins in Argentina, USA, England, New Zealand, Australia as well as in Poland.
Marcin, you have researched with great efficiency and tenacity, and taken big efforts to help with translation, and your many many emails are a great pleasure to read; we look forward to every email you send with new information and know there are more exciting news to discover!
With warm regards

Julia (Stopnicka) Lawrence, Knebworth England

Barbara and her team did a great job locating my ancestor’s records in Poland! They presented me with all the details in a timely manner and sent me high quality scans of the documents. I was stuck searching for my ancestors after tracing them back to Poland. With Barbara, I was able to see the original documents and learned new details and discovered new relatives to add to my family tree. I highly recommend her services and I will continue to employ her and her team to discover more about other family members.

Matt M, Ohio, USA

Just a few words of immense gratitude for the services you have provided.

The intention was to verify birth and death dates for my mother’s family who had perished and remember them on a headstone. Some years ago, we had visited the archives in an attempt to retrieve the information ourselves. We quickly realised how difficult it was to first find the details and then to decipher the contents. We came away with little information and more questions than answers.

What a joy it was to have Pani Ewa’s high standard of expertise uncover the mysteries of my mother’s family. Pani Ewa found so much more than was expected. It is thanks to her care and dedication that we are able to honour our family members at their very essence. Namely, set them in stone from the dates of their birth to their death with a dash symbolising their lives.

Thank you so much for enhancing family foundations.

Ewa M, London, UK

Dear Barbara,
I have spent many years looking for information regarding my grandparents who were born and raised in Poland. On my own, I found it very difficult to locate any information of importance. On your first attempt, you were able to discover information that had alluded me for decades. Thank you for your diligent research and your reporting as well.

John Kriss, California, USA

I am so glad that our paths have crossed and you are able to help me. You have found a wealth of information for me and my family. I know I will have more requests for you in the future. The pictures of the records turned out great !!!!!!!

Michael Wisniewski, Wisconsin, USA

Dear Barbara,
It’s been a pleasure meeting you and working with you and I wanted to extend my thanks and appreciation for the research you have done for us! I think you are a very special lady and I somehow expect us to have our paths cross again… Evan and I have been searching for Anna for so many years now that we felt we had to make one last effort to find her and, behold, we found you! I wish we had found you years ago.
Best Wishes,

Mary MacDonald, Montana, USA

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