How much will I pay for my family research?

It is impossible to tell the cost without any details. The cost of each research depends on many parameters, e.g.: when does the research start, was this a small village (research will be fast) or a huge town (many more records to be searched), what time period is available for research (did documents survive till today?), do we need to travel to the proper archive and how far, what are the archive’s fees etc. We are never able to tell the full cost of research, because we never know what will be found in the next research step. Maybe your ancestor came from different village, town or even country? Therefore all cost calculations are made for the next step only and you can decide if you accept them or not.

Please send us some basic details such as the year and place of birth, so that we could tell you whether the research is possible and what would be the cost of the first step.

What information should I give you to start?

The more detailed information we get, the faster and more detailed results we can provide. Most basic information we need is the name (incl. maiden name in case of woman), date of birth and place of birth of your ancestor. Any of these information missing may cause problems with starting the research, though it doesn’t mean the research is impossible!

Additionally it would be very helpful if you know the names of siblings, parents or other family members. Also any documents will be of great value. If you lack this information and know very little about your ancestor, simply write what you know. We know tricks to find out most of cases!

How long will I wait for first results?

It depends on where are the documents kept and usually varies from a couple of days to a couple of months. In most of our researches we provide first results within a month from the payment.

What is the difference between the GOLD and the PLATINUM research plan?

Gold Plan is the basic one, where you pay for hours of research. You can choose either number of hours or the goal. If you don’t want any pre-payments, you can choose our Platinum Plan. Here you pay only for new ancestors we find for your family tree. In Platinum Plan you receive also a couple of free bonuses, such as free photos, graphics and other stuff. In Gold Plan there are additional fees for photos and sometimes might be additional costs for journeys and other dependent on specific research.

Should I choose Gold Plan or Platinum Plan? Which one is more profitable?

Please read about advantages of both Gold Plan and Platinum Plan and choose the one you like the most. As for the financial side, it only turns out during the research and we are never able to tell it before the start.

What persons will I have to pay for in Platinum Plan? Who is the relative/in-law?

In Platinum Plan your ancestors are the mothers and the fathers of your parents, grandparents and so on. The relatives and in-laws are other close members of your family: step-parents, siblings, half-siblings and some of their spouses.
By default, you’ll be billed for siblings’ spouses in zero and -1 generation (marriages of your immigrating ancestor’s siblings and his/her parents’ siblings), because they add a lot to the view of your family just before your ancestors left Poland and may be the key to find a reason of emigration. It’s up to you whether you want to get information about siblings’ marriages and children in further generations.

While in Platinum Plan, can I choose to search only for my direct ancestors or the male line only?

No. Platinum Plan’s idea is to build your family tree. If you want to search for specific persons, please choose the Gold Plan.

When will I pay for a new person for my family tree in Platinum Plan? What documents will I get?

You pay for a new person at the moment we find a single document placing his or her name and family name, because this is the moment you can add this person to your family tree. We will provide any other documents we find later.

Do you provide photos of the documents you find?

In most of cases – yes. There are though a few archives in Poland where photoshooting is strictly forbidden. In such cases you will be informed before your research that you will receive only notes as the results.

What documents should I bring to you?

If we’ll have to search in documents younger than ca. 80-100 years old, we will ask you to sign an authorisation form including your ID, pass or driving licence no. and photo and documents prooving your relation to the person you ask us to find.

What does the negative result of research mean to me?

It happens rarely, but sometimes we are not able to find your family in certain place. In most cases it happens when the start data weren’t enough or exist more than one place of the same name. In such situations there are usually two or three places we take into consideration. When we find nothing in one of these places, it means that research in another place is necessary. We always search from most possible to least possible places or according to your wish.

What do you offer apart from family research?

Please find our full offer here. Apart from that we’re open to your needs and suggestions. Just tell us what you need and let us talk about it.

Are you able to find the headstones of my family members?

We do search for headstones. We take photos and can also clean the grave and decorate it with flowers and candles. Click here to get more details.

Do you search for living relatives?

Yes, of course.

What are your areas of expertise?

We search in all areas of Poland and former Kingdom of Poland, that is Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania.

What are the available payment methods?

The easiest and fastest is paying through PayPal. We send a PayPal invoice, you just click it and it’s done! You don’t even need the PayPal account. Simply a credit card will be enough to pay. If you don’t want to use PayPal for your payment, you can always transfer money via bank transfer. Ask your leading genealogist for details. Please note we don’t accept cash or any methods using cash, such as Western Union or similar.

In which currency will I be charged?

The currency depends on your billing address. If you live in Poland, you will be charged in PLN. If you live in Europe outside Poland, you will be charged in EUR. For all other countries in the world the currency of payment is USD.