About Us - Genealogia Polonica

About us

Genealogia Polonica was founded in year 2013 by Barbara Domagała as a small, one-person genealogy research firm. Now we are a team of professionals ready to help you discover your Polish ancestrors’ past. 

On April 1, 2022 Genealogia Polonica was transformed into a partnership headed by Eliza Karpinska and Radoslaw Michalak, both experienced genealogists who have worked for Genealogia Polonica for many years. Today Genealogia Polonica is the leading Polish genealogy company with a team of some direct genealogists and a few local genealogists. Most of them are trained historians. They’re all really passionate and experienced genealogists.

Why choose Genealogia Polonica?

About Us - Genealogia Polonica

Experience & Knowledge

Our genealogists have both personal and business experience in handling difficult cases. We have a very good track record of researching for our clients. Thanks to our direct access to Polish documents in state archives, church archives and registry offices, we’re able to provide high quality genealogical services. Want to learn more about us? Meet our team.

Individual approach

We believe that every family story is different and needs something different. We place great emphasis on an individual approach to each case we investigate and strive from the beginning to provide our clients with the most thorough research, focusing especially on family history. We place great emphasis on the accuracy of our research. We carefully analyze all sources and databases to give you the definitive answer. Do you want proof? Read our clients’ testimonials!


Your data is safe with us! We do not share your documents and information with anyone outside our firm unless it is required by law (for example when obtaining certified copies of documents from the archives or the Registry Office). In our work, we try to be close to our Clients, to understand their unique needs. Our Clients often share their family secrets with us, because they know it might help the research. Your family story is safe with us. Detailed information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Reasonable Prices

Before we ask you to pay anything, we’ll analyse your case. Based on this analysis, we will prepare a personalized offer for you. We will not charge you any fees without your approval. Contact us to receive your individual offer!

About Us - Genealogia Polonica

Detailed Results

After the research is completed, we’ll send you a detailed report of our findings as well as photos of the documents about your Polish ancestors. Our analysis will provide you not only with a lot of information about the found documents, but also with an insight into the life of your ancestors. We’re storytellers! If you want to know not only the names of your ancestors and their birth and death dates, but also the story behind their decision to leave Poland, there is no better choice for you than us. See our services and choose your goal!

We strongly believe that our passion and experience combined with our values allow us to provide you with the highest quality family research.

Meet our team

<strong>Eliza Karpińska</strong>
Eliza Karpińska
Co-owner & Researcher
speaks: English, Polish
Eliza graduated in law studies in Rzeszów. She grew up in a small town in the Podkarpacie region of Poland, from where many people emigrated to the USA. Since she remembers, she was interested in family history and her complicated family tree is 15 years in the making. This was the beginning of her passion for genealogy. Eliza is also passionate about history. She researches the stories of families of the Polish-Ukrainian borderland as well as the inhabitants of the Bieszczady region like Lemko and Bojko, where she comes from. In her free time, she loves to read books, walk in the Polish mountains and visit old castles.

Her main area of expertise is Galicia. Her researches include Lithuania, Ukraine, and Poland. She reads documents in Polish, Russian and Latin. Many times she succeeded in proving a DNA relationship with the help of thorough paperwork. From April 1st, 2022 she became a Co-owner of Genealogia Polonica.
<strong>Radosław “Radek” Michalak</strong>
Radosław “Radek” Michalak
Co-owner & Researcher
speaks: English, Polish
Radosław is a historian with archival specialization. Graduated from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. He was the manager of the Students Scientific Archivists Organization in Toruń, Poland. Specializes in the history of the twentieth century. Furthermore, he professionally deals with translations from English. He has a variety of professional experiences, which are also in the areas of science, which support his research workshop.

He has been working for Genealogia Polonica since 2016 and has completed many successful types of research that made him one of our Clients’ most appreciated genealogists. From April 1st, 2022 he became a Co-owner of Genealogia Polonica. Radek leads mostly the searches in central and northern Poland, Lithuania, and post-Prussian areas. He can read Polish, German, Russian and Latin records.

Our team is supported by experienced genealogists and researchers from different regions of Poland. Thanks to that, we can provide direct and fast research in most of the Polish State and church archives, as well as in individual parishes.

Let us take you on a journey into the past