Genealogia Polonica was founded in year 2013 by Barbara Domagała as a small, one-person genealogy research firm. After just a couple of months, she was receiving so many research requests, she had to change her one-man-army into a team of professionalists.

Barbara highly values individual approach to every case explored and from the very beginning has been making exceptional effort to provide Clients with most thorough research, focusing especially on the family story.

Yes, we are story-tellers! If you want not only to know the names of your ancestors and their dates of birth and death… if you want to know your family story, why did they make a decision and effort to leave Poland and start a new life in the Land of Opportunity, then there is no better choice for you than Genealogia Polonica.

Today Genealogia Polonica is the top Polish research firm with a team of a few direct genealogists and a couple of local genealogists. Most of them are educated historians. All of them are real passionates and experienced genealogists. Though the Company is growing, still the genealogists follow the same values and the feedback from the Customers shows us that they admire them too. Genealogia Polonica’s attributes are:

Fast & Direct. Trustworthy. Discrete.

Fast & Direct

Thanks to our unique genealogists’ net, we can provide you with a fast and direct results. Our genealogists live in different areas of Poland so that each case could be examined by a person who lives near the place where your ancestors were born. Thanks to that we don’t need to use other agents and we can get back to you faster than others.


We pay high attention to accuracy of our studies. We carefully analyse all sources and databases to give you the final answer.


In our work we try to be close to our Clients, to understand their unique needs. We believe that every family story is different and needs different approach. Our Clients often share their family secrets to us, because they know it might help the research. Your family story is safe with us.

We strongly believe that our passion and experience combined with our values allow us to provide you with the highest quality family research.