Polish citizenship

Become a citizen of Europe

What are the advantages of having Polish citizenship?

Poland is a European Union member, so as a Polish citizen, you are also a citizen of the EU. You and your children hold all the rights necessary to travel, work, vote, buy real estate, do business, and get an education as citizens of the European Union.

Why Genealogia Polonica?

  • to place your application, you need a correspondence address in Poland – we give you ours
  • you don’t need to speak Polish – we fill out all the documents for you
  • we are a genealogy firm, therefore we are the expert in finding useful documentation for your application
  • we offer legal analyses performed by a citizenship specialist
  • all regular costs are included in our fixed prices
  • we double-check all cases.

Acquiring Polish Citizenship in three easy steps:

Step 1: Gathering information

Fill out the questionnaire and we’ll get back to you with additional questions. The cost of legal analysis is 250 USD.

Step 2: Collecting documents

We will get the documents needed to prove your Polish citizenship. However, you will also need to collect some documents from the country of your and your ancestors’ residence. This step’s fee is 980 USD and covers the research as well as additional costs to get the documents required (travel costs, stamps, archival fees, paid access).

Step 3: Applying for citizenship

This step’s fee is 980 USD covers placing the application, correspondence, sworn translations, stamp duties, and costs of sending the decision document to your address.

I wish to extend my deepest thanks to, in the first place Radoslaw for informing me of this service and helping me gather information and then Barbara for actually doing this service and obtaining my Polish citizenship, I wish to thank you both from the bottom of my heart and to anyone reading this, I would highly recommend that you use Genealogia Polonica to achieve your own citizenship.

Ian Domala, UK

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