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Did you know that your ancestor probably left his or her family in Poland, when emigrating? Do you want to know what happened to them?

When your ancestor settled in your country, it is possible that they may have been still in contact with the family left in Poland – written some letters, and sent postcards on the holidays, but over the years the communication stopped. Maybe someone in your family still remembers some postcards from Poland or knows that the person on the old photographs is some relative of your grandfather

We can help you find their descendants.

First steps: tell us about your ancestor

Fill out the form below with the information about your ancestor and once we receive it, we will begin with a free analysis. This analysis will allow us to tell you whether any documents in Polish archives and parishes are available for research (survived till today). 

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If we find out that the research is viable, we will discuss the goal with you. You can choose the number of hours or the goal you want to achieve (e.g. to get information about two or three generations or prove your great-grandfather came from Lithuania and lived in Warsaw). 

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Once you make your decision, you are one step closer to getting information on your ancestry. Our Family Research is divided into stages and performed step by step. Thanks to that it is more flexible allowing us to adjust to each step’s results and consider them while planning further steps of the research, which may lead us to different places and archives.

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After the research is completed, you will be informed briefly about the results and the number of photos taken. There is a small success fee for photos that you’ll be billed before receiving full results with the comprehensive report, the photos of the documents we have found, and answers to your questions.

How can we thank you enough to find a sister nephew and niece I never knew I had; we were able to locate and speak with the previously unknown sister living in Australia! The search has identified cousins in Argentina, USA, England, New Zealand, Australia as well as in Poland.

Julia (Stopnicka) Lawrence, Knebworth, England

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Please make sure that the address provided here is correct.
Try to include as much information as possible: first and last names, dates and places of birth and death, first and last names of spouses, religion. Every information may turn out very important during the research even if it seems irrelevant at the moment. If you don't have much information about that person or family, just write what you know.
We might ask you for some of these documents during the research, if we decide they may be useful.
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