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Discuss about your research

Have you already had some success in genealogy but need some guidance or an opinion from a professional genealogist? Or maybe you want to start searching yourself but you don’t know where and how? This service was created just for you!

Many of you have been conducting genealogical research on your own for years, but at some point you have doubts about what to do next and whether what you have found so far is correct. The opinion of a professional genealogist who works with cases from Central Europe on a daily basis may be the best way to break through the wall.

Thanks to our genealogical video consultations, we will try to help you.

First step: send us case details

Fill out the form below with the information about your ancestor and once we receive it, we will contact with you. We will ask you for pertinent information about the case. You will then be able to send us the necessary data so that we can prepare for the consultation.

Schedule a video consultation

After sending the data, we can work together to determine the most convenient time for a video call. We live in Poland, but despite the time difference, we can arrange a meeting at a time that is convenient for both parties. The duration of the consultation depends on the agreed number of hours, however, due to the intensity of the meeting, we recommend that a single consultation should not exceed 1 hour.

Order Video Genealogy Consultation

After setting the date of the conversation, you will be able to make payment for our service. We will send you a link to our Payment Platform, where there is a dedicated tab dedicated to video genealogy consultations.

Our price is $97 per hour of Video call

Remember that before the conversation takes place, we prepare for it by conducting analyzes and during the conversation we will be able to focus on the substantive aspects.

Start your Video Genealogy Consultation

Before the consultation, prepare your materials, good coffee or tea and something to take notes on. We are at your disposal and will try to help you as best we can. But remember that genealogy is a science that studies family ties between people and their actions can be unpredictable. Therefore, we often have to immerse ourselves in the thinking of the era in which someone lived and not draw conclusions based on today’s standards.

“Whoever does not respect and value his past is neither worthy of the respect of the present nor has a right to the future.”

Jozef Pilsudski

Send us basic data by filling out the form:

Please make sure that the address provided here is correct.
Try to include as much information as possible: first and last names, dates and places of birth and death, first and last names of spouses, religion. Every information may turn out very important during the research even if it seems irrelevant at the moment. If you don't have much information about that person or family, just write what you know.
We might ask you for some of these documents during the research, if we decide they may be useful.
If you don't have a voucher, leave this field empty.

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