Cemetery Research

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Searching the cemeteries might be an effective way to add new valuable information to your family tree. A headstone is an important artifact that your family members funded here in Poland to honor a family member.

What can be achieved by finding information about your family members?

  • finding new family members, whose vital records were not possible to be accessed,
  • finding new family or personal connections,
  • confirming one’s childless or unmarried life,
  • finding living members of your family.

We can find your family’s headstones and on your demand:

  • take photos,
  • clean the grave and decorate it with flowers and candles according to Polish tradition,
  • contact the people who take care of the grave, who are most likely members of your family,
  • and more…

First steps: tell us about your family

Fill out the form below with the information about your ancestor and once we receive it, we will begin with the analysis. This analysis will allow us to tell you whether any documents in Polish archives and parishes are available for research (survived till today). 

Get an estimate

If we find out that the research is viable, we will discuss the goal with you. You can choose the number of hours or the goal you want to achieve (e.g. to get information about two or three generations or prove your great-grandfather came from Lithuania and lived in Warsaw). 

Order your research

Once you make your decision, you are one step closer to getting information on your ancestry. Our Family Research is divided into stages and performed step by step. Thanks to that it is more flexible allowing us to adjust to each step’s results and consider them while planning further steps of the research, which may lead us to different places and archives.

Get results 

After the research is completed, you will be informed briefly about the results and the number of photos taken. There is a small success fee for photos that you’ll be billed before receiving full results with the comprehensive report, the photos of the documents we have found, and answers to your questions.

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See our clients’ testimonials:

On your first attempt, you were able to discover information that had alluded me for decades. 
John Kriss
California, USA

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