Do you know Land Cadastre of Galicia?

Cadastre it is a list of properties and lands located in Galicia, these files contain descriptions of municipal boundaries, a detailed description of land, owners and land area, lists of buildings, tax files, etc. The metric is a source for economic, demographic and geographic research. In the absence of appropriate record books, it is also used for genealogical research. The first cadastre was created on the basis of the patent of Emperor Joseph II of April 12, 1785. The second one was created on the basis of the patent of Emperor Francis II of December 23, 1817. We also distinguish the Permanent Galician Cadaster from 1844-1854. Thanks to these documents, especially the Galician Permanent Cadaster, we can find the house where our ancestor lived or the place where the house stood. Remember that house numbers have changed many times over the years, so the only way to find a house is to search in the cadastre. Would you like to find out where your ancestor’s house was?