In Poland there was up to 10% society identifying themselves as nobles, whilst in other countries it was only 1%. Therefore if you have polish roots, there is quite a big chance to find a noble ancestor in your family tree.

The common belief that a -ski ending in polish last name means one comes from a noble family has a lot of truth itself but is not always right. There are noble non -ski endings, such as Sapieha, Dunin or Radziwiłł. On the other hand it is possible that people of a -ski ending last name did not belong to any noble family. Finally, even if your family name

What if my family was noble?

That’s a very good news! First, there is a high possibility to find many more documents about your family and that will lead us to discover their lifes in more details. Second, there is a high possibility to build your family tree much bigger than for peasant families, because vital facts for nobles were recorded by church a few centuries earlier than for poorer classes. To make it short, we probably will be able to find a wealth of detailed information about your family.

What if my family wasn’t noble?

Well, you never know it for sure unless you finish your research. If your father didn’t come from a noble family, there still can be some great-great-grandfather who fought a historical battle or holded an important office. The only way to find it out is performing a detailed family research.

Let’s check your family name!

Order a simple analysis of your last name. The cost is only $49 for one name and in return you will get an answer whether it is a noble name and some basic information about this noble family. After that you can choose if you want us to check whether your ancestor belonged to any of those noble families.

Don’t forget to include not only your last name, but also your mother’s, grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s one! The more names, the bigger chance to find your noble family!