Individual Plan. Only places your ancestors knew. Cheaper than journey to Poland. Lasts forever.

  • ~5 minutes long
  • HD/4K quality
  • camera and drone shots
  • 100% individually planned

Order your individual video journey to Poland!

  • places your ancestors knew (their houses, churches, cemeteries)
  • historic buildings
  • most beautiful places
  • local people
  • local nature

„The idea of the Video Journey is to show the most of Your Poland”, says Barbara Domagała, Genealogia Polonica Owner. „Ideally, we would like to show you the house, where your ancestors lived, the places they visited: local church, cemetery – with focus on your family names, wayside shrines, historical places. We want to interview local people for your family names, gather stories and memories, because people in small villages often remember even ancient stories. Everything in high quality, pretty and professional shots showing the beauty of Poland and your ancestors’ places taken with cameras and drones. Every detail planned carefully by our genealogist. We believe it should be a cherry on the cake for every family research!”

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