Warning! Inheritance fraud

At the end of last year, a client contacted us to find a deceased person and provide him with information about him. At first, the case looked like many others. After exchanging e-mails, it turned out that the client was looking for a person he had recently talked to who had recently died and he had inherited her property. He was contacted by people who planned a meeting in Warsaw at a specific bank where he would sign documents.

The light immediately turned red. The name that was being searched appeared to be English and our databases did not list this name. This person was supposed to run a business in Poland, but there was no such person on the lists of entrepreneurs. We informed the client in time because most likely in the next steps he would receive some documents to sign, maybe he would have to provide his account number and confirm the data by text message. This way, fraudsters would access his account and in a bank in Poland he would only meet surprised employees. Fortunately, thanks to the customer’s vigilance, the trap did not work, although it was close because the fraudsters were very convincing. However, they did not bother to choose a Polish surname and that gave them away. The contact ended as quickly as it started…

Many people take advantage of the fact that people were adopted and do not know their closest ancestors. The hope of finding them and unexpected contact from a potential family member can reduce our vigilance. Therefore, remember to be careful at every step and you can always contact us to help you verify the “authenticity of the inheritance”.

We have a special service created for people who are looking for living relatives. Click for details: