Barbara Domagała
Founder, Owner
speaks: English, German, Polish

Barbara Domagała is a founder of Genealogia Polonica and a member of Polish Genealogical Society. She is interested in Polish social history, especially in peasants’ life in 19th and beginning of 20th century. Barbara works actively for Polish genealogy and takes part in numerous projects concerning its popularization. Ancestors research and family history reconstruction is her passion for over 10 years.

Thanks to months of researches, Barbara has gained a strong experience and – what’s really important – great intuition in ancestors’ searching. She can easily read even illegible or poorly-saved documents in following languages: Polish, Russian, German and Latin. Additionally she has experience in cooperation with national archives, registries, institutes, museums and parishes, which makes her the top Polish genealogist.

Radosław ‚Radek’ Michalak
Expert Genealogy Planner&Researcher
speaks: English, Polish

Radosław Michalak is a historian with archival specialization. Graduated on Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. He was the manager of the Students Scientific Archivists Organization in Toruń, Poland. Specializes in the history of the twentieth century. Furthermore, he professionally deals with translations from English. He has a variety of professional experiences, that are also in the areas of science, which support his research workshop. He has been working for Genealogia Polonica since 2016 and has completed many successful researches that made him one of our Clients’ most appreciated genealogists.

Radek leads mostly the searches in central and northern Poland, Lithuania and post-prussian areas. He can read Polish, German and Latin records.

Adrian Jarosz
Genealogy Researcher
speaks: English, Polish

Adrian Jarosz is an educated physicist and a teacher and of course a genealogist. He is interested in Polish and Slovak history and etymology of surnames mainly from South Poland and North Slovakia.
Adrian started his adventure with genealogy as a teenager. Collecting a family memories, interviews with older family members, visiting local parish archives was his hobby for years. Nowadays he lives in Cracow and does not forget about his small homeland – the area of Nowy Targ, just by the Tatra Mountains. During his genealogist career he visited many national and church archives researching documents in Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, German, Russian and Latin language. Thanks to his work a lot of distant cousins were connected together.

Eliza Karpińska
Genealogy Planner&Researcher
speaks: English, Polish

Eliza graduated law studies in Rzeszów. She grew up in a small town in Podkarpacie region of Poland, from where many people emigrated and left Poland heading mostly to USA. This was the beginning of her passion for genealogy. She is interested in history and astronomy. She loves to read books, walk in Polish mountains and visit old castles. Since she remember, she was interested in family history, but for 10 years now she is building her complicated family tree. Her researches include Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland. Her main area of expertise is Galicia. She reads documents in Polish, Russian and Latin. Many times she succeeded in prooving DNA relationship with paperwork.


Michał Papież
Genealogy Planner
speaks: English, Polish

Michał is a history graduate from Cracow. He started conducting genealogical research right after college. During that time he visited number of state and church archives, looking through all types of vital records in Polish, Latin and Hungarian, and walked as much cemeteries in order to complete a lookup by finding tombstones and taking good care of them. He works as a professional genealogist since 2013. In Genealogia Polonica he is mostly responsible for Galicia region.


Our team is supported by experienced genealogists and researchers from different regions of Poland. Thanks to that, we can provide direct and fast researches in most of Polish state and church archives, as well as in parishes.